Empowering 3D Cell Culture

with fluorescent capsules

Fluosphera has unique tissue engineering expertise to predict the complex effects of drugs.

High-Throughput methods
with high physiological relevance
Methods able to mimic communications
between distant tissues
Human based method

Disruptive Solution: Illuminating the effect of drugs in vitro

Leveraging decades of progress in cell biology and genetics, FluoSphera uses the precision of fluorescent light to  measure multiple biological processes in multiple human cell types in co-culture - simultaneously.

Liquid Microphysiological Systems

Flexible cell systems recapitulating the complexity of the human body.


Unique combination of color-coded capsules with fluorescent probes to measure cellular activities.

Mass Imaging

Extensive exploration of biological effects in advanced tissue model using automated Microscopy.

How our system works:

Tissues A and B are encapsulated into permeable color-code capsules for the identification of the tissue types.

Biological activities (effects 1 and 2) can be detected with fluorescent reagents and/or fluorescent reporter genes. A sophisticated microscopy analysis is performed with an imaging software.

Technology Toolbox

Compartmentalization & Permeability

The capsule physically separates the different tissues from each other and allows them to exchange soluble factors, like in human body.

Spheroid Size Control

The capsule controls the size of the spheroid below 300 µm, compatible with oxygen and nutrients diffusion, like in perfused tissues.

3D Cell Culture
Physiological relevance

Within a few days after encapsulation, cells form spheroids, well-known to recapitulate the spatial organization of tissues.

Non-Invasive Tissue Identification

A capsule color is assigned to each tissue type for their recognition even in a complex multi-culture, without labelling cells.

High-Content Screening

Acquisition and analysis of fluorescent patterns with a strong multiplexing capacity with the technology of High-Content Screening (HCS).

Flexible Modules

Our technology comprises a set of tools that can be individually adjusted to generate tailor-made in vitro models.

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