We are FluoSphera

The People Behind the Science  

                         We are a team of inventors and entrepreneurs,
                         Driven by creativity and scientific excellence,
                         To develop disruptive solutions for drug discovery.

Our team

Gregory Segala
CEO & Co-Founder

Gregory studied pharmacology during his Ph.D. and he has cumulated 14 years of experience in cell biology, with the publication of 14 scientific articles. Gregory is a co-inventor of the technology of FluoSphera (patent).

Clelia Bourgoint
COO and Co-Founder

Biotechnology engineer by training and holding a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Clelia implemented new methods of advanced microscopy to develop new cancer therapies at the University of Geneva and at the Max Planck Institute (Germany).

Igor Fisch
Chairman of the Board

Igor did a Ph.D. in molecular biology followed by a post-doctoral training with Sir. Gregory Winter, Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Igor is the founder and former CEO of Selexis, a world-class leader in cell line development for drug discovery and development.

Kamel Besseghir
Board Member

Kamel is a Medical Doctor with more than 30 years in drug innovation. Kamel is the former CEO of Debiopharm, a swiss drug development company, and he has evaluated hundreds of molecule candidates for drug development.

Jean-Pierre Pennacino
Board Member

Jean-Pierre Pennacino has a proven track record in corporate finance, fund raising and public markets, as well as acumen in M&A. He currently serves as CFO for MedAlliance, a medical device company being acquired by Cordis for USD 1.1 billion.

Aurélien Roux
Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder

Aurélien is a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Geneva. Aurélien is an elected member of the EMBO, a Key Opinion Leader in cell encapsulation technology and a co-inventor of the technology of FluoSphera.

Gerado Turcatti
Scientific Advisor

Gerardo is the Director of the Biomolecular Screening facility at the EPFL (Switzerland), implementing drug repurposing strategies and evaluating highly informative assays for drug screening.

Guido Koch
Scientific Advisor

Guido is the co-founder and CEO of Amphilix and he spent 20 years at Novartis as Director in Global Discovery Chemistry. Guido has led projects in different phases from target identification to early clinical stage.

Dimitri Moreau
Scientific Advisor

Dimitri has a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and he installed the high-throughput screening facility ACCESS Geneva at the University of Geneva. Dimitri is a technical expert in the acquisition and analysis of high-content screening data.

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