Revolutionizing in vitro drug discovery with proprietary chip-free technology for high-throughput, human systemic evaluation.

The Drug Discovery Problem:

Current pre-clinical testing protocols are insufficient and lead to a >90% drug failure rate in clinical testing.

Additionally, traditional animal models, such as mice, often fail to reflect human responses accurately and are ineffective for innovative treatments like antibody-drug conjugates.

The FluoSphera Solution:

Our advanced 3D tissue multiplexing mimics the natural physiology of the human body, enabling our partners to study human response to systemic drug delivery in an easy-to-use, high-throughput in vitro model. This enables rapid and accurate pre-clinical evaluation of drugs including small molecules, biologics and antibody-drug conjugates.

How our system works:

Our technology utilizes micro-compartmentalization of human tissues and 3D cell culturing to mimic natural human physiology and disease conditions in vitro. Human tissues of different types are encapsulated into permeable color-code capsules that enable tissue tracking.

Therapeutics under investigation are applied to the cell culture, mimicking human systemic drug treatment. Biological activities (effects 1 and 2) are detected using sophisticated microscopy analyses and post-assay tissue sorting enables analysis of both tissue-specific and systemic biological activities such as efficacy, toxicity and selectivity.

Set of enabling capabilities

Human Organ-like Microtissues

The capsule physically separates the different tissues from each other and allows them to exchange soluble factors, similar to how organs interact through blood circulation in the human body. Encapsulated cells aggregate within a few days to form spheroids. The capsule controls the size of the spheroid to ensure oxygen and nutrient diffusion, similar to perfused tissues.

Non-Invasive Tissue Identification

A unique color-coded capsule is assigned to each tissue type so that separate tissues can be recognized without labeling the cells in a multi-tissue culture.

In Vitro Human Physiological Evaluation

A set of readouts evaluating cytotoxicity and tissue-specific effects were calibrated in-house to provide a robust evaluation of drug effects with several parameters assessed simultaneously.

High-Throughput Screening

The strong capability of FluoSphera technology to fit with existing consumables and instruments, along with an automated analysis pipeline for high-content imaging and color multiplexing for tissue and effects identification, allows fast evaluation of compound libraries to provide human-system-relevant datasets.

Single-Organoid Spatial Positioning
Analytical Precision

Variabilities betweenorganoids can generate biased analyses. The spatial positioning of FluoSpheratechnology allows tracking individual organoids within a pool to understanddrug effects before and after treatment, generating unbiased datasets.

Post-Assay Tissue Sorting
Omics Analyses

After imaging used for drug effect identification, tissues can be sequentially sorted to isolate them for omics downstream assays. This approach provides a holistic view of the drug's mode of action by correlating phenotypic analyses with genomic, proteomic, and lipid profiling.

FluoSphera's technology is a multi-organoid system that combines encapsulated tissues to mimic the complex human system, enabling reliable in vitro drug discovery.

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